4th Edition - Great Ocean Road Otway classic ride 2021

Good ride, good vibes

Starting and finishing in Torquay, the 145km ride is the original ride that has now been running for over 12 years. You get to do it at your own pace and soak in the breathtaking scenery along the stunning coastline of the Great Ocean Road.It’s my fourth edition riding this event and my favorite event that Melbourne hosts in April, during the Spring season. Fortunately, the past 3 times has been dry and clear weather. This one was a little different, with a every season all in one day!

My first time tackling this challenging ride was brutally destructive with one leg cramping after 40km followed by another cramp on my other leg after 70km… cramps on both legs! I somehow finished… but I needed redemption for my poor effort and trained better for my second edition which I smashed from beginning to end! Nothing stopped me this time! My third edition was the longer route that pushed me till I passed the finish line. I had unlocked greater potential in my fitness. Each event presented unique experiences that made me want to sign up, ride and do it all again so many times.

The fourth edition was the most special and memorable because it’s the first time riding with five friends in this event and for some of them, the first time riding in a cycling event and the distance! I really admired the way they took on this challenging event within just one year of cycling. Yet, they trained and prepared so well to be fit for the ride. I was so thrilled to take part in the event but even more to ride with them!

I was confident in my riding ability; certain I would do well. You know that feeling that everything from mind, body, emotions, bike and ability is going to be spot on! Though, a little doubt so I humble myself to lower my ego and self-esteem overload. But I believed I have trained well, I completed my preparations to be ready for the ride and will yield the results I envisioned. I wasn’t daunted by the distance, route, or elevation as I did it in the past. I was strong, capable of finishing and knew my strength. So, I rode just as I imagined myself to ride.

Pulling in the front for my friends and staying upfront to take the headwind. I had the energy, the endurance and control of capability to do so without blowing out too soon or overworking too much. I knew my limits and maintained the pace. It’s great to be self-aware of your riding limits through experiences and training to manage yourself during the ride to be efficient and conservative. Being my fourth time riding the event, I believed I could do this without falling apart, without cramps, without bonking or without struggling like my previous experiences. Also, this time I was excited and energetic to ride with my friends.

I was very surprised with my friend’s riding ability as they all put effort being up the front a couple of times and leading the big pack. It’s so cool to see them learn and experience cycling in a pack and giving them tips to be more efficient for long distance riding. In comparison to my first edition, they excelled and completed the event with great joy and satisfaction!

Anyways, I loved every moment of the ride from the cool morning, slow congested start, leading a massive pact into the headwind for 20km, riding through light drizzle, climbing up the hills with forest views, containing myself while descending, riding in pouring rain, cold feet and hands, great ocean road beach views, helping my friend with 2 punctures and lastly finishing with epic and skin piercing rainfall! What a privilege to experience this all with friends. In my 8 years riding, this one is my most pinnacle memory. The best time riding my bike and above all, the best time riding with friends! Cannot wait for the next big event to ride with friends again!

Ride summary
Ride distance: 145km
Elevation: 1426m
Moving time: 6:02:13
Elapsed time: 7:49:30
Average speed: 24.4km/h

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I love sharing my experiences of cycling and hope you enjoy my life experiences.




Connecting with the cyclist-minded and reaching another state in physical health and mental wellness in riding experiences

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Connecting with the cyclist-minded and reaching another state in physical health and mental wellness in riding experiences

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