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How to train recovery for greater fitness.

It’s my recovery week! YAY! With various training workouts improving my aerobic, anaerobic, threshold and neuromuscular systems spread over 3 weeks, it’s time to deescalate the body of the accumulated stress and overtime fatigue. It’s such a joy and relief to settle into a light effort for the week. As easy as it may seem, we aren’t utilizing this significant stage of performance with as much attention as our training workouts.

During my recovery week, I went out with a group to do some local hills. My intention was to keep it very…

Experiencing life on a bike.

It is an absolute gift and joy to ride. I had a wonderful revelation of this special feeling on one of my weekend rides, setting out with beautiful clear skies, towards the countryside with rolling hills, valleys and epic landscapes of farmland and wineries.

A weekend ride is waking up at 5:30am for breakfast and getting ready to roll out at 6:30am. That’s considered sleeping in for this occasion. Most weekday rides start at 5:30am to fit in one and half hour of riding before work. …

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I love the painful thrill of riding and making it to the peak of a mountain. The satisfaction of being at the top! And as I descend into valley, I am challenged with the summit ahead. As I reach the lowest point, I prepare myself again to rise up and go to the top of next mountain.

The summit is pinnacle point and though the valley is the lowest point, it too has a significance. Why is that valley important? You can look back to see what you went through, achieved and done to be at your current position. You…

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To stay on the gear or to shift down a gear?

I knew my old bike so well! We have been together for five years having done many events, explored countless roads and ventured to awesome places to experience beautiful landscapes! I’ve developed a unique feeling on my bike. I understand the way it moves, the way it turns, the way it pedals, the way it rides. My integration on the bike is superbly synced. We bonded seamlessly when I rode on curved, straight, windy, hilly and smooth roads. I was confident in knowing which gears I should be in…

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Do I think I can be a greater cyclist? Or a better climber? Or sprinter? Or have greater power? Or holding power longer?

Do I think there is a limit? Can I improve day after day, month after month, year after year?… When do I reach my best cycling performance? Have I reached my best potential?

Humans have been searching for their performance limits, their knowledge potential, their fear edge and their learning boundaries. Every aspect of our life is constantly being evaluated by the external world to our internal reality. …

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Just one pedal at time…

Just keep pedalling… No matter how much it hurts, how much longer you have to go, how steep it is or how badly you want to quit. The knocking thoughts that fill our mind as we ride up mountainous routes. Yet, we can shut the door to the thoughts, silence the mind and just centre our concentration to riding, pushing one pedal at a time…Persistence is continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

Am I persistent in my life?

Where am I strong in and where am I weak in? Where do I lack…

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The blissful pain of growing.

Here we go…the timer counts down towards another interval, another effort, another block, another session. A blissful pain indoor cycling training is. There are times during intense sessions where I take a deep gasp of the workload still ahead! “How can I possibly do this workout… This is crazy! It’s tortore… No way I can do this…”. And then I start again, embrace the moment, break the mind signals and kick off again… After finishing and regaining my composure, I begin to question myself… “I don’t even know how I completed all of it. How…

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The general public has started to recognize that fitness goes beyond physical improvements and are seeking to be more informed with a broader sight. We are seeing people less focused on fitness for weight loss and more curious about fitness for health, mental, emotional and social wellness for a greater life through exercise. This influencing trend is predominantly driven by “Millennials and Gen Z, the younger generation transiting into the fitness market and becoming the largest age demographic”(1). …

As a cycling event approaches… How do I feel?

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“I am ready to ride!”

I’ve done the sessions, the training, the exercises, the resting, the recovering and the preparations to sustain my fitness and performance for the cycling event”. It is a challenge but I LOVE TO EXTEND my potential to go further in life! The progression to the cycling event, measuring my fitness and riding ability. The test is here! There are always moments of grit, perseverance and spirit development and growth in each of these unique events — the beginning of a mammoth mountain to climb, the distance to ride, or the will…

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“I will not give up. I will continue until it is finished, until it is done!”. The self talk as I ride up tremendous, unforgiving mountains… “Continue until complete, pedal… pedal… push…push”. Encouraging and motivating thoughts as I ride which can be reflected to force myself to go further in life, to endure and commit to my purposes and goals. In the end, the satisfaction is tangible when you complete something albeit intrinsic — the joy of riding up the mountain or extrinsic — reaching the top of the mountain. …


Connecting with the cyclist-minded and reaching another state in physical health and mental wellness in riding experiences

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