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Belief in the valley, not at the peak.

I love the painful thrill of riding and making it to the peak of a mountain. The satisfaction of being at the top! And as I descend into valley, I am challenged with the summit ahead. As I reach the lowest point, I prepare myself again to rise up and go to the top of next mountain.

The summit is pinnacle point and though the valley is the lowest point, it too has a significance. Why is that valley important? You can look back to see what you went through, achieved and done to be at your current position. You can celebrate getting over the mountain you faced in the past. You can see where you came from, how you’ve changed and developed to be who you are.

The Peak

When you’re are at the peak, you feel amazing, powerful and unstoppable. You have overcome the challenges and worked hard to reach the top. You deserve to enjoy being at the top and celebrate the victory of being at the top. Take pleasure in the success and accomplishment.

You need to truly experience the emotions. Be proud of doing what you set youself up to. You deserve the moment of celebration because it is a temporary state, an experience for that time and place.

Being or staying at this moment, at the top should be short lived. Why? When you’re at the top, you can’t go higher, you can’t push your limits, you are still with no option to go forward. But you can look further out and see your next challenge. The next mountain to go to. Use the peak to celebrate being at your highest point and to explore your next point.

The Descend

As you go down the mountain and into the valley, the success you achieved is carried with and you can share that experience to help, support and encourage others as they climb up the mountain. Your guidance on their path has a great impact on their journey, giving them hope to reach the top as well. Use what you learned, accomplished to connect with others and help them grow. Descend to inspire others to ascend to the peak. You remind yourself of the hardship to get to the top and share what you’ve learned to encourage others to stay strong on their path to the peak. It’s the opportunity to help and support others with their mountains.

You’re going to bottom of the valley… but it is an intentional decision. The choice from being at the peak to heading down to the bottom. It is not from failure or downfall, it is a purposeful action to set yourself up again for the next mountain and take time to recover, regenerate from reaching the peak. We need to rest from exerting and pushing past our limits. There is stress and consistent energy output to be at your top and reach the top. To sustain this level will accumulate and deplete you as continue to stay at the peak. As you reach this limit, you can only perform at this rate for a short amount of time. Come down before it conflicts your energy and focus.

The Valley

The transition from the descend

It can be scary, daunting and uncertain when you’re in the valley. Why? Because you just came down from achieving something amazing, now at the beginning of something new. The transiting has the impetus to dwell and ruminate the foreseen obstacles, hardship or struggles as we dip into the valley to rise again.

What is ahead can shackle the initiation to continue and delay the next move. The thoughts overtake the decision making, dissolving the motivation and momentum to continue… Stuck in doubt… How do you get unstuck? The transiting requires effort and identity expansion. As you’re in the valley, you are between two mountains.

Getting unstuck in the valley

When you at the bottom, remind yourself what you have accomplished, how you got to the valley you are in, how much further in life you progressed and the improvements you made to get you to where you are. Being at the bottom, at a low level should not scare you. Imagine the valley as the next check point to go through. You will always all go through valleys but seeing the peak to reach to be unattainable is a choice. The path is easier when we set and adjust to believing in the possibilities. The valley is to prepare and set a greater self rather than dredge the beginning of a difficult journey.

Limiting capability and ability thoughts can begin to pop up. If you can recognise and become aware of this, you can dispute the negative thoughts, reframe the situation and unlock new boundaries. You can make the shift from anticipating the pain to anticipating the success. You need to believe from the bottom of the valley not from the top of the peak. Begin with the belief and hope to get to the top. It’s the bottom that defines your character. As you rise, you build and grow the characters of person that reaches the top. The valley, though the lowest point of a mountain, it is a pinnacle point, the highest point of your former self, it’s the start of your next highest achievement.

The Rise

You use the past experience, what youlearned from the process of achieving the past mountain to strengthen the foundation and confidence. This will give you the momentum to come out of the valley, accelerating from the bottom to get you moving onto the next mountain.

Change the identity as you hit the bottom. Shift the mindset into the future self that has the strength and belief to reach the peak of the next mountain. The valley isn’t a stopping point like the peak, use it to excel further and gain more distance up on the rise. The curial element is not to slow down but to speed up and go boldly for the extra effort progresses you faster and closer to towards the next peak. Be quick to transition, be quick in-between the valley and you’ll be quicker to reach the next peak.

Use the momentum to go up the mountain and have more confidence to reach the top. The journey is far more exciting, the progress will be appreciated, and the time is filled with hope. As you go, you have greater expectations of a better future self.

Lessons froms the peak and valley

The peak, the achievement of getting to where you set to go, your commitment, your dedication, your journey to reach the top. The peak is a temporary point. It is to recognise that work and progress, see where you started and where you are now. Embrace the moment, see the amazing view from the top. But its only for a moment as you have reached the top point of the mountain. The peak has no more path to go higher.

The intentional descend, the choice to come down it very important because being at the top is nice and feels great, but its not to stay. You need to come down from the top, continue by heading to the next mountain, which is to make your way down into the valley. The descend is to go further in life.

Being in the valley, you set yourself for what’s ahead. The valley is a significant point to determine the next path to take. The excitement to set the next goal and see yourself reaching the top of another mountain. Just like the peak, the valley is also temporary. Don’t get stuck in the valley because of the path you will encounter, the fear of failure or the uncertain times you will encounter. It’s the start of the next level of youself!

To rise again, not being afraid of starting again or your projection to the next peak. Remember the past peaks you accomplished and improvements to get to where you are now. You are stronger now and further ahead. Review the past to renew greater potential in yourself, putting in extra effort to drive you up onto the next mountain quicker and better.

Now, look forward to the next mountain you are seeing and continue to go further.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I love sharing my experiences of cycling and hope you enjoy my life experiences.



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