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Prevailing the intercepted path

What decisions to make when the path is intercepted

We have all explored new roads or places and gotten ourselves lost, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. As I have encountered this experience in my cycling (many times), I find myself uncertain to either turn left or right, forwards or backwards, not knowing the right direction or embarrassingly can’t read the directions… So, I stop and take a moment to re-access where I am to decide whether to correct, change or continue the path. And in life, we all have goals we are striving for, targets we are trying to achieve and accomplishments we are seeking. With any goal, there are certain points along the journey, where something or someone will intercept, preventing you from continuing your path. In these moments, the path will be blocked and a decision must be made to continue. This decision can be split into three paths: correct; change; or complete.

1. Correct

You are on the right path, but you have steered off your goal or destination. You slipped off the path accidently or had a lapse of attention and realised you’re heading in the wrong direction. Why does it happen? Focus can diminish over time and the intention is less present to keep you aligned to your goals. It happens as you progress each day. Your energy fluctuates depending on sleep, stress, health and relationships. It’s a good time to have a pit stop to give yourself a moment of rest, to renew your thoughts, to reconnect with the purpose and remind yourself what you are achieving and why you are heading towards your chosen direction. It’s so important to recommit to the path with focus and attention realigned so you continue to stay true to who you are and guard your ways so the external influences do not mislead you and stop you from achieving your goals.

2. Change

It’s crucial to stop, think and assess the path you are on. The goals can remain the same, however the path may need to be changed to continue moving forward. Take a moment to ask yourself a few questions, “Is the path I am on still going to get me to where I need to be? Is the path I am on still the right path? Is there another path that will lead me better, quicker and closer to my goals?” Do I need to change my plans, change my circumstances, or change myself to adjust to the goals I am after?” Recheck the path you are on and decide to continue or set another way to progress further. See if there are other available directions since you started. Change is needed to grow and with conscious decisions being made, you have clarity and greater momentum to continue.

3. Complete

You are on the right path, you have set yourself up right, your careful planning and tracking has led you well to complete your goal. However, even with the right path we may encounter obstacles which may have slowed down. Or is it because of lack of motivation or settling into a rhythm which has become mundane or complacent with a pace that doesn’t push you or challenge you enough or can’t find the energy to go forward. You feel you are slowing down but haven’t stopped yet. A few obstacles and challenges are part of the journey. No path is every smooth, perfect and seamless. There will be peaks and valleys to face. Therefore, persevere in the struggles, embrace the moments of low levels of energy for each step you take will bring you closer and the experiences will strengthen you for the next time. Your potential and capacity is limited to what you see, think and believe about yourself. If you push and go beyond your limits, be ambitious and courageous with your actions then the best of you will be the reward. Ultimately, the path will be sweeter than the goal you accomplished as you stepped into a better version of yourself.

As you walk your path, consider the impact of your decisions. You have the power to stop, intervene, halt, pause or create immediate change in any situation in life. It’s challenging to believe so in the moment of being intercepted with added emotions clouding your judgement, your perception becoming narrowed and your knowledge and understanding disregarded with reactive comments. With a moment of patience, you can greatly alter the circumstances with little or big decisions. A little stillness can go a long way and impact the outcome from negative to positive.

As you decide your direction, go with an openness of the heart, ears to hear and listen and a mind to consider the information to help guide you and seek the better way.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I love sharing my experiences of cycling and hope you enjoy my life experiences.



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