Ridefulness Journal — Landscapes that generously gives to riders.

It’s so exciting planning and preparing for a big ride. Planning what the route will show you along the way, where it will lead you towards, the cafe stops in between and the climbing to endure. Then, preparing the snacks for nutrition, how much to take during the ride and where to refill to continue to ride.

The 137km loop with 2100 metres elevation encounters the countryside where wineries and fruit farms meticulously plant their produce with measured rows and columns to maximise their land. Calculated beauty and awe. What’s good about this ride is that I’ve done it and know what to expect. I always wanted to share this experience and ride with my friends. This time I can, riding with my brother!

A fresh morning with mist blanketing the fields, the sunlight peeking through the fog to bring sunlight and warmth and the roads shadowed from trees holding the coldness a little longer. We approach the never ending wine fields perfectly planted in lines accompanied by the mountainous background. An amazing landscape to be admired and riding on the bike allows more time to savour the richness of it. As we continue to ride into the valleys and closer to the hills, the landscape generously gives it’s pureness and rawness in every direction we look and ride.

My rested legs, well planned nutrition and base endurance prepared me well to ride comfortably and confidently for the whole ride. The 12km hill with average gradient of 3 percent doesn’t seem too difficult but approaching this after 60km of riding already, could build some fatigue. We kept it fairly relaxed to make sure we don’t overdo ourselves and to enjoy the overarching trees and ferns along the winding roads. With the temperature being not so cold and not so hot, it was so perfect to be immersed in the environment, to ride and to be in a cycling flow. Effortlessly in the breathing pattern, pedaling technique and power intensity. It all seamlessly connected together from handlebars to hand, saddle to bottom, pedal to feet and tyres to asphalt.

The continuous climb gives time to be present with the moment. The gentle Spring breeze creates a subtle sway on the dense high trees. The debris of fallen bark, branches and twigs lying alongside the road and the crisp crunch as you ride over them. The wildlife birds chirping and singing echoes through the forest. Ever so often, the roaring motorised biker cruising down the road, accelerating after each bend to feel the thrill of power and speed. Then back to the stillness of sound and movement which captures your thoughts and awareness of how grateful it is to be riding in this environment, in this moment and in this time. Zoned in without any distractions or conflicting priorities, rejoicing in the riding experience.

It’s awesome to do this ride, but even greater to share this ride with someone. Leaving the countryside and returning to the suburbs was a sight well delivered to indicate the ending of the ride. After 6:52 hours of elapsed time, 5:38 hours of riding time and an average speed of 24.3km we finished cheerfully, had a fantastic time riding and thankfully had no dramas on the bike. Now, to rest and let the happiness of riding seep into what is left of the day.

Cycling Performance Tip —Mind

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

8 Habits to improve your training routine.

Training for performance isn’t a walk in the park. With so many physical and mental barriers stacked ahead of us, it could leave us demotivated to start. What can we do before we start then? Instead of seeing the adversity of workouts to come, let’s scale back to simple steps to set you up each time. The article, “8 Habits to improve your training routine” by TrainerRoad, provides 8 actionable habits that don’t require massive change to your life to have an impact. I’ll outline the 8 habits but for a deeper insight, click here.

  1. Prep Your Training Zone in Advance
  2. Read the Workout Description
  3. Carry a Water Bottle
  4. Fuel Your Workouts
  5. Aim for a Consistent Bedtime
  6. Start Don’t Skip
  7. Analyze Your Data
  8. Approach Your Workouts With Curiosity

These aren’t concrete habits. Adjust and change, remove or add your own depending on what you find most valuable. Aim for process-oriented goals and be prepared to make some adjustments along the way to maximize your routine and your training process.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I love sharing my experiences of cycling and hope you enjoy my journey.




Connecting with the cyclist-minded and reaching another state in physical health and mental wellness in riding experiences

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Connecting with the cyclist-minded and reaching another state in physical health and mental wellness in riding experiences

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