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Ridefulness Journal — Ride by weather or by experience?

A mixed bag of weather this week which makes it unpredictable to ride or not until you wake up in the morning. You either check by going outside, gazing and analysing the sky or check the weather forecast Apps or websites. I prefer the former because I’m just as accurate as the Apps or websites. There are so many times I cancelled my morning ride reading the forecast and then waking up the following morning to clear skis. Not this time! A quick glance outside to notice no heavy clouds! A dry morning, still winds and open clear roads to ride upon as I ride out at 5:30am for a group ride.

It’s a hilly loop today, my favourite kind of riding and with rested legs, it was going to be super fun. I was already anticipating the hard efforts, eager to launch a strong pace up a 4-to-5 minute climb. Smooth upon the dipped entry and maintained the speed as I came up the hill. With patient pacing, I felt well to keep a hard effort, whilst being challenged by another rider. We hit the first maker, a roundabout which initiates an increased pace. Holding the effort, we glide up the road coming to the second marker, another roundabout. At this point, we’re ¾ up the climb and the highest gradient on the hill. Everyone knows this point is the best to kick it up a notch again and so did the one rider cranking the pedals to crack the pack. I Almost made the whole distance, but my strengths faded out and I couldn’t spin fast… Fun to chase other riders and a little soul crushing seeing stronger riders leave you behind.

We approached another hill, a 3-to-4 minutes section with a long and steep gradient to start with, a small flat section and gradual climb to finish. A big effort again with a calm and controlled out of the saddle position for about 1.5 minutes keeping a good cadence. A little active recovery on the flat section but fading again to the finish. I need to improve my active recovery efficiency which will give me the strength to power again.

As we rode over the hills, it was now sun climbing out, warming up the sky with its sunshine and light and a blend of dark navy hues to a peachy orange. As we continued, the landscape opened to musky green valleys with a stalling mist hovering the trees. Stillness and peaceful nature before we return to suburban surroundings and end with a cafe stop to enjoy a hot coffee, bantering about how we rode.

(Forgot to start activity after coffe stop…)

Cycling Performance Tips — Mind

Photo by Randalyn Hill on Unsplash

Why Passion Is Pessimism’s Best Antidote

We all have encountered and experienced lack of motivation, unwillingness to continue and wanting to give up during exercise, being at work, dealing with relationships and going through challenges. However, with a positive and growth mindset approach and attitude, you can overcome the struggling moments and achieve goals during adversity. In addition, with passion at the forefront of your thoughts, feelings and decisions you more likely succeed and prevail through the difficulties in life.

In the article “Why Passion Is Pessimism’s Best Antidote, Christopher Bergland explains the visual of a “on/off” motivation switch in the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) and striatum regions of the brain that increases or decreases the motivation to seek a reward that involves some discomfort. Read more to find out how to keep the motivation switch on by clicking here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I love sharing my experiences of cycling and hope you enjoy my life experiences.



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