Ridefulness Journal —Unlocked lockdown ride.

Cycling Performance Tip — Body

Aerobic System

  • This system is your oxidative system, where it utilises a combination of fats and carbohydrates to resynthesize ATP. Your body does this by combining glucose or fats with oxygen (hence why aerobic) to form water, carbon dioxide and energy. A great system for low level activities with controlled breathing. Interestingly, after about two or three hours, your body begins to throw protein into the mix as another duel to be broken down into glucose and fed into this energy system.
  • There is no “switch” lever to fat or carbohydrate or protein as the preferred fuel source for your aerobic energy. It’s always a mix. Although, there are training protocols you can perform for your body to adapt to efficiently and effectively use the sources of fuel depending on how good you are at using fat, what you’ve been eating and which hormones are circulating in your body.
  • This system is dominant after two minutes of exercise.



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